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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Benefit of Baby Massage - For Parents and Baby



  • Skin sensitivity is the earliest developed function
  • Studies have shown that animals that are gently handled & stroked are fatter, more bright-eyed and have more easy-going dispositions than other animals
  • Gentle handling improves stability of the nervous system and resistance to disease
  • Infants who are massaged regularly are more alert and sociable when awake
  • They tend to do more 'vocalizing' or 'baby chatting'
  • As they grow they tend to be more relaxed and open with healthy touch - hugging, cuddling, holding hands, etc.


  • Babies sleep better and soothe more easily
  • It enables them to release pent up tension and anxiety
  • Massage helps babies practice handling input and responding to it with relaxation
  • It enhances their positive feelings about their bodies, helping them grow up with a healthy body image
  • It teaches them relaxation techniques they will carry through their life


  • Massage helps with relief of colic and digestive problems
  • It helps tone the digestive tract, thereby moving gas and fecal material for easier expulsion
  • It may help relieve discomforts of teething, congestion and emotional stress


  • Massage enhances the bonding process
  • Infant and caregiver 'feel' closer as they share this communication of love
  • Eye contact is enhanced during this 'quiet' time of the day
  • Intuitive interaction is enhanced since the massage is done mostly in silence without a lot of extra 'chatter'
  • It is a dance that builds trust and intimacy



  • enhanced through increased eye contact
  • increased prolactin levels - a hormone needed to produce breast milk
  • also known as the "mothering" hormone
  • this increase has been noted in fathers and other caregivers
  • has the effect of helping you "fall in love" with your baby
  • has been used with great results in cases of neglect and abuse


  • In studies it has been shown that mothers who had a lot of early contact were able to choose their 3 - 8 year old children's pajamas from among others that were identical
  • Gives you a chance to 'mirror' your love


  • Computer studies have shown that infants synchronize their body movements with the speech of their caregivers.
  • This shows the important 'dance' of communication that occurs
  • Massage enhances this response as infant and caregiver become more in 'sync' with each other



  • There is a decrease in cortisol levels (stress hormone).
  • If you routinely massage a baby , you will have a measurable decrease in your stress levels.
  • Routinely practicing the breathing and relaxation techniques needed to successfully do the massage will become automatic in other parts of your life
  • Many working parents have found that doing the massage as soon as they get home helps them to relax and "reconnect" with their baby before they start their evening routine
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